Project List

Since 2000, I have had the privilege of working with several dozen clients, on even more projects. Here are some, in no particular order:

  • LEAD Collaborative Live site
    Advancing Best Practices for OAH Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs
    Spring 2017 for EngenderHealth :: Health / Medicine
  • FistulaCare Plus Live site
    Fistula repair and prevention project from USAID to provide resources, awareness, knowledge and strong health systems.
    Spring 2016 for EngenderHealth :: Health / Medicine
  • Post-abortion Care Consortium Live site
    Working together for safe, accessible and comprehensive postabortion care around the world
    Spring 2015 for EngenderHealth :: Health / Medicine
  • Rockman et al Live site
    Innovative research, evaluation, and consulting company for education issues
    August 2016 (relaunch) :: Education, Research
  • The Claudettes Live site
    Fanatical fusion of blues and soul-jazz—like Ray Charles on a punk kick
    Fall 2014 :: Art / Music / Writing
  • Velocity Boiler Works Live site
    A leader in hydronic heating technologies for residential and commercial systems
    Summer 2016 for Performance Marketing :: Manufacturing
  • HERO Campaign Live site
    Promoting the use of sober designated drivers to prevent drunken driving tragedies
    Spring 2016 for Performance Marketing :: Community
  • J/KAM Digital Live site
    Entertainment industry post-production powerhouse for rentals and editing suites
    Winter 2016 (relaunch) :: Entertainment, Technology
  • Leave Law Behind Live site
    Thinking about leaving the law, but not sure where to begin?
    Winter 2016 :: Law
  • Salmon Ventures Live site
    National firm with associates providing professional services to public utilities, government agencies, educational institutions, trade organizations, and corporate business.
    Fall 2014 for Performance Marketing :: Professional Services
  • Casa Canta Rana Live site
    Luxury beach front estate outside Puerto Vallarta, featured in Fodor’s Guide and Vallarta Style Magazine.
    Fall 2012 for Less Ink :: Real Estate
  • HBSC Strategic Services Live site
    HBSC advises and collaborates with clients to address today’s most challenging business and technology demands
    Fall 2012 for Less Ink :: Technology
  • Innovations Academy Live site
    An inquiry-based K-8 public charter school in San Diego, where students powerfully create their lives through self-expression, compassionate connection, and purposeful learning
    Spring 2013 for Less Ink :: Education
  • iDEAL Financial Information Project info / Live site
    Pioneering trend research, analysis, and charting for M&A activity
    September 2011 :: Finance
  • Rental Country Project info / Live site
    South Jersey’s home for power equipment rentals, since 1981
    December 2011 for Performance Marketing :: Retail
  • Jersey Surf Project info / Live site
    World class drum and bugle corps
    February 2014 for Performance Marketing :: Community, Education
  • Le Metro Wine Live site
    Wine club, e-store, and site enhancements for Le Metro - a fresh new way to discover wine.
    Spring 2014 for PROTOCOL wine studio :: Food
  • Meagher & Meagher Live site
    Law firm in White Plains, NY, Serving One Client at a Time with Passion, Skill and Enthusiasm
    Spring 2014 :: Law
  • The Short Network Live site
    Entertaining the planet a few minutes at a time
    Summer 2013 :: Entertainment
  • Stealth Fairy Live site
    Where art meets inspiration
    Fall 2013 :: Spirituality / Meditation
  • 99 Arms Productions Live site
    A full-service TV production company, making concepts a reality—using level heads, years of experience and a good dose of humor.
    July 2013 :: Entertainment
  • PROTOCOL wine studio Live site
    Innovative Sommeliers and professionals exploring expanding dimensions of the wine world to evolve concepts in wine sales and education.
    Winter 2013 :: Food
  • Packer Greats Live site
    Rare, limited-edition, and exclusive sports memorabiliia signed by Green Bay Packers legends
    May 2012 :: Retail
  • Stay Puft Marshmallows Live site
    The official marshmallows from Ghostbusters – brought to life.
    May 2012 for The Parallax Corporation :: Entertainment, Food
  • “Be A Hero” Golf Tournament Live site
    Golf tournament and dinner auction fundraiser for the Hero Campaign
    March 2012 for Performance Marketing :: Community
  • Cumberland/Salem Health & Wellness Alliance Project info / Live site
    Working together for a healthier community
    November 2011 for Performance Marketing :: Community, Health / Medicine
  • Mints Medical Malpractice Project info / Live site
    A boutique medical malpractice insurance agency with a personal touch
    November 2011 for Performance Marketing :: Health / Medicine
  • Wave 80 Biosciences Project info / Live site
    Next-generation molecular diagnostics instruments and consumables
    June 2010 :: Science, Technology
  • Southern NJ Development Council Project info / Live site
    Government affairs liaison and economic development advocate
    October 2010 for Performance Marketing :: Community
  • Stanker & Galetto Project info / Live site
    Family-focused construction for small firms and large international companies
    November 2007 for Performance Marketing :: Construction
  • Johnny Iguana Live site
    Renowned blues piano miracle worker and storied rock keyboard adventurer!
    August 2011 :: Art / Music / Writing
  • Fralinger Engineering Project info / Live site
    Industrial, municipal and residential engineering and land surveying firm
    August 2010 for Performance Marketing :: Engineering
  • The Parallax Corporation Live site
    Imaginary products brought to life
    Fall 2011 :: Manufacturing, Marketing
  • Buy Soylent Green Live site
    Soylent Green crackers brought from the movie to real life
    Summer 2011 for The Parallax Corporation :: Manufacturing, Marketing
  • Jaffe Real Estate Law Project info / Live site
    Focused legal representation for buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals
    for Howard Jaffe, Esquire :: Law
  • The Urban Chair Project info / Live site
    Amazing hair salon in San Francisco where the chair is always full
    June 2010 for the urban chair :: Health / Medicine
  • Palm Springs Healing Center Project info / Live site
    Acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, and herbal & nutritional medicine
    August 2009 :: Health / Medicine
  • Laury Services Project info / Live site
    Heating, plumbing, air conditioning, HVAC, and home air sealing and energy audits
    November 2010 for Performance Marketing :: Service
  • Danza Group Live site
    Premiere real estate development company in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania
    March 2011 for Performance Marketing :: Real Estate
  • oh my god Project info / Live site
    Chicago indie-rock band with "lo-fi" design for a high-tech site
    August 2009 for Oh My God :: Art / Music / Writing
  • Merchants Exchange Building Live site
    Business and architectural landmark for San Francisco since 1902
    2006 for Hasse, Inc. :: Real Estate
  • Be+Cause Strategies Live site
    A new type of engagement strategies firm specializing in cultural strategies that make change
    2006 :: Marketing
  • Eureka! Insights Project info / Live site
    Strategic, actionable user insights from a variety of qualitative research methods
    August 2006 :: Technology
  • Vineland Chamber of Commerce Project info / Live site
    Keeping Vineland's community and business leaders connected
    2006+ for Performance Marketing :: Community
  • Jockstrap Queen Live site
    Redefining and redesigning the jock world with designer jocks and sportswear
    Feb 2011 :: Retail
  • Vineland Gynecology Associates Live site
    Exemplary women's care supported by a nurturing and knowledgeable staff
    2010 for Performance Marketing :: Health / Medicine
  • Grunwald Associates Live site
    Custom market research, strategic consulting, and benchmark public/industry research reports on education and technology.
    2005+ :: Education, Research
  • SF Mosaic Live site
    A guide to public mosaics of San Francisco and beyond
    2006 for Lillian Sizemore :: Art / Music / Writing
  • SimplePact Live site
    A free web tool that helps you create agreements, publish them online and collect digital signatures
    2009 :: Technology
  • The Financial Panner Live site
    A blog that's prospecting for opportunity in a river of information
    2009 :: Finance
  • liveBooks Live site
    The industry-leading provider of web sites for photographers
    2007 for liveBooks, Inc. :: Art / Music / Writing, Technology
  • liveBooks | edu
    liveBooks web site offering for students and educators
    2006 for liveBooks, Inc. :: Art / Music / Writing, Technology
  • Ginsburg Bakery Live site
    Baking the rye breads, rolls and bagels that you love for more than a century
    2006 for Performance Marketing :: Food
  • Meg Charendoff Live site
    2006 :: Art / Music / Writing
  • Rayner & Haynor Project info / Live site
    Investment expertise and strategies tailored to the unique needs of each client
    December 2005 for Rayner & Haynor :: Finance
  • Pineland Learning Center Live site
    Accredited day school serving children with behavioral, social, emotional and academic challenges
    2007 for Performance Marketing :: Education
  • Jan Potts Photography Live site
    Photographer who looks for those things in everyday life that we all “see” but barely notice
    2006 :: Art / Music / Writing
  • South Jersey Cardiology Live site
    Working hard to keep your heart healthy
    2005 for Performance Marketing :: Health / Medicine
  • Palm Springs Acupuncture Live site
    Clinic for Traditional Chinese Medicine offering individualized treatments and remedies
    2005 :: Health / Medicine
  • PrannaTimer Live site
    Hand-crafted incense mediation timers: "watch the mind... don't mind the watch"
    2005 :: Retail, Spirituality / Meditation
  • The Dental Spa Live site
    Making the Delaware Valley more beautiful, one smile at a time
    2005 for Performance Marketing :: Health / Medicine
  • Clint Reilly
    Biographic web site for the pioneering political consultant and respected advocate for social justice and civic engagement
    2005 for hasse, Inc. :: Community
  • Jamison/McKay
    Leading advertising agency in San Francisco
    2004 :: Marketing
  • FiftyCrows Live site
    The power of documentary photography to inspire social action
    2003 :: Art / Music / Writing
  • Performance Marketing Live site
    Leading New Jersey marketing agency for advertising, strategy, PR, and signage.
    2003+ :: Marketing
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