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Wave 80 Biosciences develops next-generation molecular diagnostics instruments and consumables for hepatitis C, hepatitis B, HIV/AIDS, and other human health conditions.


Wave 80 Biosciences - Slideshow

A jQuery-based slideshow on the Home page features engaging photography and elegant crossfade transitions. A strong Call-to-Action in a semi-transparent overlay panel rests above the images.

Low-Bandwidth Version

Wave 80 Biosciences - Low Bandwidth versionWith a portion of their target audience residing in locations around the world using slow internet connections, Wave 80 wanted to provide a Low-Bandwith version of the site. This was accomplished using PHP to dynamically display alternate content with significantly lower page weight (for shorter download times), triggered by a user click on a global link, which then toggles to a link to the normal (high-bandwidth) version.

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