Vineland Chamber of Commerce

Greater Vineland Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Vineland Chamber of Commerce connects the community and business leaders of Vineland, NJ, with this highly-dynamic database-driven web site. Originally developed and launched in 2006, the front-end has since been heavily modified, dramatically altering the layout and design from my original work seen in the screenshot above.


Greater Vineland Chamber of Commerce - E-CommerceTo provide a professional, seamless user experience, the GVCC site uses and an SSL Certificate to accept secure real-time online credit card transactions through a payment gateway, allowing users to safely enter payment information directly on the site. This top-notch e-commerce functionality handles Member Registration, Member Renewal, Event Payments, and Promotional Opportunities.

Printable Coupons

Greater Vineland Chamber of Commerce - Member CouponsMembers can provide a special discount offer to other members, by simply editing a field in their account profile. Other members can then browse the offers, and print out an attractive, dynamically-generated coupon that shows the offer, as well as the recipient’s name and date printed.


Greater Vineland Chamber of Commerce - MembersAt the core of the GVCC web site is a robust database-driven membership system. An online registration form allows a user to create an account, and make the initial dues payment with a credit card. The new member can fill out a detailed profile, upload a logo or photo, create a discount coupon offer, write a testimonial, update the password, and access members-only content and services. Members are also promoted to the general public by listing profiles in a Business Directory. Most recent members are automatically “welcomed” on the Home page.

Banner Ad System

Greater Vineland Chamber of Commerce - Banner AdsA custom Banner Ad management system was developed to enable members to purchase advertising slots, added either to the rotation of the slideshow in the global site header, or prominently in the sidebar of most pages. The GVCC staff manages the sidebar banner placement using a new module added to the back-end CMS, where they upload the banner graphic, associate it to a member, enter a target url for clicks, and determine the display status.

Events System

Greater Vineland Chamber of Commerce - EventsA sophisticated Events system was custom-built to allow the GVCC to maintain a database of events, and display them on the site in various ways. The small sidebar grid-calendar indicates which days have an event. The main list shows upcoming events as paginated links, and can be filtered by type of event. And the detail page shows all the information for a specific event, as well as an RSVP or Payment form, as conditionally determined by certain factors.

Content Management System

Greater Vineland Chamber of Commerce - CMSA custom php/mysql CMS was build for this site, to enable the GVCC to manage various site content and settings. Separate modules control the photo gallery, newsletter archive, banner ad system, custom pages, member accounts and testimonials, events, and public policy system.

Public Policy System

Greater Vineland Chamber of Commerce - Public PolicyThe Public Policy systems empowers the GVCC to send alerts to members about various legislative issues that may impact their business. Members can then review and personalize a prepared response email, as well as access a directory of local, state and federal lawmakers to let their voice be heard.


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