Palm Springs Healing Center

Palm Springs Healing Center

The Palm Springs Healing Center is a comprehensive healing and educational center that offers a variety of alternative and complementary therapies. They offer Acupuncture, Chiropractic Care, Herbal and Nutritional Medicine, Massage Therapy and more.

Dozens of happy patients have supplied testimonials which are selected at random for display in the sidebar in an expanding quote box. Classes, seminars, and events are scheduled on an integrated calendar. A slideshow provides an online tour of the clinic. And a custom Content Management System controls it all.

Palm Springs Healing Center

Content Management System

Palm Springs Healing Center - Content Management SystemEach main area of the site is controlled by a module in an easy-to-use custom-built CMS (content management system). The site owner logs into a back-end Dashboard where the site’s content and settings are easily editing, such as Testimonials, Classes, Clinic tour (photo gallery), Staff bios, Latest news, Resources, File uploads, Site settings, and Admin users.

Palm Springs Healing Center - Content Management SystemMost sections use a standard List-Detail model, where a sortable and paginated list of entries allows drill-down to edit individual records. The editing forms have simple input fields and allow rich-text formatting with a standard word-like toolbar, when appropriate.

Photo Gallery / Slideshow

Palm Springs Healing Center - Clinic Tour - Photo GalleryThe Clinic Tour section of the site is a photo slideshow, built with jQuery. Previous/next arrow navigation animates each slide left or right, without reloading the page. A module in the CMS enables staff to add or remove photos, sort them with a drag-and-drop user interface, and add the captions.


Palm Springs Healing Center - CalendarA 3rd-party calendar system (Easy PHP Calendar) was integrated with the site and customized to present a month-grid calendar of classes, seminars, and events at the Palm Springs Healing Center. Each event shows basic details in a small popup layer, with a link to the event’s full page. This database-driven calendar system has a back-end password-protected event manager.

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