Jersey Surf

Jersey Surf

The Jersey Surf is a New Jersey non-profit corporation, dedicated to providing quality educational opportunities for young people in the performing arts. The site has a fully custom design, developed into a custom theme for WordPress. In addition to standard components like a post-based News section, social-media share and follow links, a home-page slideshow, and a newsletter signup and contact form, also features a customizable header graphic, Google AdSense, and a photo and video gallery. An e-commerce store is in development.

Jersey Surf

Alternate Sub-Menus

JSurf-HistoryNavThe standard sub-menu on the site is a vertical list of links in the sidebar, but two areas of the site required a different format. The History section needs a sub-menu link for each year since 1992, so 23 links (as of 2014) would be far too long to list vertically. But since the links are all basically the same width (displaying the year), they are presented in a grid to keep the links compact and scalable for many years to come.


At the request of the client, the Membership section has a horizontal sub-menu, to provide it more prominence on the page by keeping it well above the fold. The menu uses a classic “tabs” style, based on jQuery.


Widgetized Home Page

JSurf-WidgetsOn the Home page, below the slideshow, are six blocks of content, arranged in a grid of three columns and two rows. To enable the client to control the content displayed in each of these blocks, the entire area was “widgetized”. This allows the Newsletter Signup, Twitter feed, and Recent News to use existing WordPress widgets. The other content blocks – the Video, Upcoming Events, and Facebook feed – are configured and displayed with custom widgets, installed through a custom plugin. Any other available widget can be placed in any of these six blocks, including the “Button Box” – a multiple-instance custom widget that provides a heading, paragraph, and button.

Events Calendar

JSurf-CalendarThe Events Calendar plugin handles the Events section of the site. The plugin templates were modified, to enable the embedded map to display the location based on the queried name of the venue, rather than just the address.

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