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iDEAL Financial Information is a pioneering web application for trend research, analysis, and charting of worldwide aggregate M&A activity and statistics. This incredibly powerful, flexible, and sophisticated application is also amazingly fast, simple, and intuitive.

iDEAL - Chart types

In the Chart Room, members can create charts from nearly 100 different types of M&A trend reports, using four different visual data comparisons: Linear Historical Trend Analysis, Relative Historical Trend Analysis, Industry/Sector Rankings, and Gainers/Losers. And the Power Chart allows comparison of different reports within a single chart.

iDEAL - Chart DatasetsThe Chart Room UI consists of four tabs – Chart, Data Sets, Time Range, and Presentation. The user can construct highly customized database queries across multiple regions/countries, sectors/industries, and data types (volume, value, multiples, premiums, etc). For each dataset he may assign a specific display graphic (line or bar) and color, toggle the visibility of data values, set additional options, and even add trendlines for a historical average, median, and high. And of course, he may add as many datasets as necessary.

iDEAL - Time RangeThe Time Range tab provides a UI to allow the user to select a time unit (quarters or years), and specify a custom range within which to retrieve data. Historical trendlines have a separate setting, to provide wider perspective on the primary data. Some chart types even allow comparison of aggregate data between two different time ranges (such as 1Q05 through 4Q06 vs. 1Q07 through 4Q08).

iDEAL - Chart PresentationThe Presentation tab offers dozens of settings to allow the user to customize the general visual display of the chart: custom title and sub-title, font size and family, colors for various elements, value placement, decimals, line thickness and style, bar gradients and borders, label orientation, and axis values and divisional lines.

iDEAL - Free Trial (test drive)The public site provides an in-depth feature tour, video, and sign-up form. Users can register for a free trial account to experience first-hand everything iDEAL has to offer, and then purchase a monthly or annual subscription.


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